Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Celery Snacks

Celery (and the things we fill it with) is a super way to get kids to a) make their own snacks, b) get them to eat something healthy for a snack, and c) help them "think outside the recipe"!

As you begin to get a snack tray ready for the kids, try just putting out nut butter filled celery and bowls full of various goodies for them to create their own.

Try any of the following (and whatever else you have on hand):
-blueberries (shown here)
-the old standby, raisins
-dried cherries
-dried cranberries
-trail mix
-sunflower seeds
-edible flowers/petals
-date pieces
-maple sugared nuts
-chocolate or carob chips
-sesame seeds

What do your kids like in their celery? Anybody try a different filling other than nut butters or cream cheese?

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