Sunday, February 21, 2010

pancake molds:: kitchen tool of the week!

So, you know how much we love pancakes! And things shaped like hearts.

So we couldn't pass up another Saturday without making it a pancake morning, but this weekend, we dug out our pancake molds. Of course, they're heart shaped. But they also come shaped like dinosaurs, trucks, snowflakes, butterflies, gingerbread men, flowers, airplanes... you get the picture. You can find them in your grocery store.

We added Anjali's handprint cookie cutter to the mix too, but found that it really works better for cookie cutters with tiny spaces to just make the pancake first and then cut the shape out.

But they still taste the same. Yum, yum!

And guess what? Our heart shaped pancake mold? Well, they make wonderful butterflies...

Especially with that amazing blueberry syrup!


Wendy said...

love the layout of the blog, btw. my husband uses sprayed cookie cutters while i prefer to freehand drip :-)

Anonymous said...

IS VERY GOOD..............................

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