Friday, April 11, 2008

Kitchen Tool of the Week: Chopstick Friends

When Zeal was about two, my mom gave him some of these chopsticks (the elephants, to be precise, because we had just moved back from India and he was on a "hati" kick). He used them a few times and then we moved and they got put away.

Well, they have just come back in style. Lately, these little elephants have been marching through our kitchen and across our dining table faster and more often than you can say, "A person's a person no matter how small."

He's been eating pieces of tomato, spinach leaves, chunks of cheese, pieces of popcorn, his morning oatmeal, cucumber slices, rice and beans, and even whole pieces of toast using these nifty little tools. They are a novel utensil that even gets him trying things he might otherwise turn his nose up at.

And oh yes, don't forget to put your lips together, hold them TIGHT together, and blow as hard as you can until you sound like you are marching through an Indian jungle with all the confidence of a 4 ton pachyderm. You didn't realize you too could be an elephant, now did you?

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