Monday, April 21, 2008

Longing for Popsicle Picnic Weather

Here's the scene from our house last week:

The flowers are blooming:

The magnolias are coming on fast:

Even the apple tree we thought we'd lost has buds:

It reached 84 degrees F one day last week here in Eugene, Oregon. We spent the day riding bikes, playing in the mud, and exploring down at the river. We came home and had our snack on the lawn with Zeal's new stuffed dog, Bengal-o (that he bought with his own money at the amazing Alpha-bits café in Mapleton, Oregon.)

We had a "Popsicle Picnic" with smoothie popsicles that have been patiently waiting for weather such as this:

All a tease, I suppose...

Yesterday, we woke up with SNOW on the ground. Can somebody please tell Mother Nature and Father Time that it is April 21st? It's officially been spring for a month now and I think they are in a state of utter confusion. While it is great fun, we're just about done with staying indoors to make large pots of soup and other wintery foods. We're ready for popsicles and picnics and campfire food! Anybody else?


Shawn said...

Yes!! We had a very big Tease last week and now it's cold again (not snowy cold, but jacket cold). You are SUCH an inspiration. Yet another Oregon person who makes me think I should have been born on the other side of the country. I think we're going to have S'mores outside in our coats today! Happy Earth Day.

Ginger Carlson, author said...

Mmmm. S'mores sound like a wonderful idea for us too! I've been writing a piece in my head for my VegFamily column about camping foods. Now you've got me rolling... more on that soon.
Let us know how yours were. :)

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