Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Chasing blueberries!

To make room for the new fresh ones about to come on, we're working on clearing out our freezer of last season's berries. And we've finally reached the last bag of blueberries! Zeal is forever wanting to make "pie", which often means cobbler, especially when we don't get it together to make pie crust. Ever since he was a toddler, I've set him up with his own pie making stations. They usually consist of the fruit-of-the-day, a personal sized pie pan or other baking container of his choosing, and a few other essentials such as flour, cinnamon (or other spices), brown sugar or agave, and sometimes some oats and other items of his choosing.

This is a fantastic way to get kids experimenting with ingredients, and usually a real treat! Just put out the ingredients and let them go. Pop it in the oven, and see what happens. The more they do it, the more confidence they will have in the experience of putting ingredients together. It's lovely to see what uniquely emerges from the oven each time.

Unfortunately, I wasn't quite fast enough with the camera this time around, and the result got eaten before I got to it.

That must mean it was yummy!

And here's our favorite little read about blueberries, for anyone getting ready and excited for the coming of blueberry season!

"Kuplink, kuplank, kuplunk go the blueberries into the pail of a little girl named Sal who--try as she might--just can't seem to pick as fast as she eats. Robert McCloskey's classic is a magical tale of the irrepressible curiosity--not to mention appetite--of youth. Sal and her mother set off in search of blueberries for the winter at the same time as a mother bear and her cub. A quiet comedy of errors ensues when the young ones wander off and absentmindedly trail the wrong mothers."

Okay, blueberries, we're officially ready for you. Until then, we'll try and do our part to help get those strawberry fields cleared out.

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