Monday, May 19, 2008

Another reason I love my mom!

I have this plan to someday write down all the reasons I so love this wonderful woman in my life, my mom!

She's the woman who taught me how to cook, but never forced it on me.
She's the woman who has always respected that there were just foods I wasn't wanting to eat, and never made me (knowing that my body knew what it needed and what it couldn't handle before the allergy doctors figured it out.)
And she's the woman who always saved these special little things from my childhood and pulls them out at various moments in my life when they seem most fitting.

Here's the homemade apron I wore as a very young child - wore everywhere, but had totally forgotten about!

This Mother's Day she brought it to me. It will never fit me again (it's too small even for Zeal), but it's hanging in a place of honor in our kitchen as a symbol of love, cooking together, and handing down memories to our children. Thanks Mom!

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