Friday, May 23, 2008

Strawberry Love!

We are lucky enough to be in strawberry heaven, all because our CSA is about as passionate about strawberries as they come. They call them their "signature item". We've been getting our weekly box for six seasons now, and the strawberries are as good as ever. Here is where they grow:

As you can imagine, when these always ripe and sweet strawberries make it to our doorstep each week, they don't often last very long. Generally they are eaten right out of the tote. But Zeal feels, for some unknown reason this year, that we need to be "doing something" with all that garden goodness. He's taken to slicing them (all the strawberries in this bowl were sliced by him - very methodically - and then he talked me into making the sign for his bowl (those are really his words gracing it)!

So when our friends came over for a cooking adventure, it felt natural to do something "strawberry". We decided on strawberry shortcake. We started with a simple biscuit recipe made from a baking mix (you know the kind that comes in a box). We used a gluten free one, but any biscuit mix or scratch recipe will do (we just decided to simplify it for the kids ever-wanting-to-just-go-and-play attention spans). This was a super easy thing for the kids to quickly do by themselves.

Warm out of the oven, we split each biscuit in half and the kids had a great time layering the biscuit halves, strawberry slices, and whipped cream. We used this soy one as we were doing a vegan version of shortcake. With very few ingredients and a great taste, it was a nice alternative.

These shortcakes weren't so short, but rather tall with taste. They got an enthusiastic thumbs up from the kids. I thought the biscuits could have used some sweetener to make it more dessert-y, but since the kids loved them just the way they were I decided to keep that to myself.

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