Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Energy continued...

We've been having a grand time making more little snack-sized sources of energy. This was a great activity for the kids to work through entirely on their own with a bit of verbal guidance and supervision. I did get in trouble for trying to get the nuts chopped and ready for them - which must be a sign that they were way into the project.

Here's the scene as it unfolded:

First, make a nice large mess of the tiny table we are working on. Don't forget to drip the mixture on the floor.

Pour the nuts and carob mixture together:

Add to a pan, refrigerate, cut into chunks, and devour them! (Good thing we made a double batch)

These got an enthusiastic thumbs up from everybody involved and they taste remarkably like the carob energy bars we get in the store.
"Only better!" says one reviewer.

Here's the actual recipe:
Carob Energy Nuggets
1/2 cup agave nectar
1/2 cup powdered carob
1 tsp sea salt
(only use if you are using unsalted nuts, otherwise leave it out)
1 T. vanilla
¾ cup cashews
¾ cup almonds 

½ cup pistachios
1 cup coconut

In a small bowl, mix together agave, carob, sea salt, and vanilla. Blend nuts until finely chopped. Add coconut and pulse until blended. Place in bowl and thoroughly blend in carob mixture. Spread mixture into a pan and refrigerate until firm. Then cut into small squares.

And here's the sweet little kicker to this one.
Later in the evening, Zeal was looking through some supplies for another project he was working on and came across a leftover package of candy foils we used last year when we were making candy skulls for Day of the Dead.
He shouted, "I have a great idea!" at the top of his lungs, and then pulled out what was left of the carob candies and wrapped them all individually. He was so excited about the foil, even the neighbors got to try some of them. They were a hit all around.


Sorina said...

It look's to good to be through I am definitely going to try this

Ginger Carlson, author said...

Hi Sorina -
let me know how they turn out!
I highly recommend using unsalted nuts.

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