Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Parantha fun!

Re-discovering a bit of India in the kitchen. Here's our favorite combination for making gobi parantha (flat bread stuffed with cauliflower), but it works just as well with potatoes, paneer, or any of your favorite combinations.

-Combine 1 cup of chapati flour with 1/3 cup water and a teaspoon of oil (optional) and knead until forms a soft ball.
-Roll dough out until flat and thin.
-Place a heaping tablespoon (or any desired amount) of a combination of grated cauliflower, garlic, salt, masala into the center of your dough.
-Fold the corners up over the stuffing and pinch the dough together to form a ball around the stuffing.
-Roll the ball out again until flat.
-Cook on an oiled griddle until brown.

Happy Diwali everyone!

*Thanks Valerie for the photos!

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Valerie Willman said...

You're welcome! Thanks for coming to my house and truly making the experience an interesting one.
Blessed Be!

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