Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Crispy Treats!

We made super yummy, crispy bars of sweetness with a friend.
Even though they were cooking them on the stove, this was an easy enough activity for the kids to do pretty much on their own. I stood behind them and verbally walked them through the whole thing. They stood side by side, each at their own burner and got to each make one entire batch for themselves. No, they didn't each eat the entire batch, but even if they had the ingredients we used were all natural, so it wouldn't have been that bad, not as bad as eating your whole sack of Halloween candy anyway.
Here's what we did (me talking behind the kids):
"Ok, you little coconut loving cooks, turn your burner on to medium heat."
(they needed a little help with this step, because one of the burners kept clicking and didn't light right away)
"Now measure 2 Tablespoons of Coconut Butter, and put it in your pan."

"Stir it around until it is all melted."

"Okay let's half this container of rice mellow. Once you two have figured out how your going to half it, pour it in your pan and mix it up with the coconut butter."

Ricemellow is a tremendous alternative to using marshmallows. It is all-natural, gluten and corn free, sugar free, and vegan. I use it exclusively when making fudge, but we also use it to make s'mores when camping. It's made through Suzanne's Specialities It comes in containers that look this and can be found at your local natural food stores:

"Now mix in 1/4 cup of nut butter."

If you want, you can add any other flavors at this time. One of the kids added a few chocolate chips.
"Turn off the heat and add your cereal."

We used about 2 cups of an organic crisped rice we found in the bulk section of our local market, then added a bit more to get the consitency to the liking of the kids. Any puffed or crispy cereal will work.
"Mix, mix, mix. Do a little crispy mix dance!"

"Now get a little Earth Balance on your fingers and grease your pan."

You can use any butter or margarine to grease your pan, we just like using GMO-free Earth Balance.
"Press your mixture into your pan, and pop it in the fridge."

When cooled, cut into squares and share with your friends. Yum!

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