Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Tropical Delights!

When Zeal was just a wee one, we spent a bit of time on a beach in Thailand (those were the days!)
There, he fell in love with the fresh tropical fruits:

And today, whenever we are in the store, he asks for them. Mango is a huge favorite, but fresh young thai coconuts top his list. Besides tasting great, they are high in potassium (much more than a banana) and other minerals.

Young coconuts (the whitish, pale brown ones) are much softer and easier to enjoy than the harder dark brown ones we had to pound with a hammer and chisel when I was a child. To cut into a coconut, use a large knife (a butcher knife if you have one) and (have an adult) make a cut on an angle. Cut around the top until you have a "lid" that will fold back.

Add your favorite straw and sip away.

When you are done sipping the coconut juice, use a spoon to scoop out the soft "meat" and ENJOY!

Makes us feel like we're back on the beach.
Okay, just a little bit...

Everybody needs a little wishful thinking now and again. :)

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