Sunday, March 9, 2008

Lessons from a Slow Eater: or How to Eat a Waffle

Our waffle maker has officially "burned out", but we woke up with a waffle hankering. So what better thing to do than enjoy breakfast on the town?
The waffles came, piled high with fresh fruit and accompanied with pure Grade A maple syrup. Yum!
I was half way done and chatting with our "neighbors" when I realized he still hadn't taken a bite. Connecting on a different level with his waffles, he was in his own world. Silently, I watched, and learned:

How to Eat a Waffle

Waffle #1
Pour the fruit off the top and push aside.
Get up and ask for a small bowl of butter.
Pour syrup over the top of the butter and mix thoroughly.
Dip knife into maple syrup/butter mixture and take your time drizzling into waffle squares.
Attempt to cut the squares, but then give up and bring your face down to the waffle's level and eat from there.

Waffle #2
Hold waffle up with both hands and start from the corner.
Eat one little square with each bite, making a zig zag pattern along the way.
Tilt your head back and forth so you can see the pattern forming.

Waffle #3
Tear into tiny bite-sized squares and save for later.
Proceed to waffle #4.

Waffle #4
Hold waffle up and nibble around the edges until it resembles the letter "Z".
Go back to waffle #3.

Back to Waffle #3
Dip first three squares into maple syrup one at a time.
Ask for a box and save the rest for later.
Say "I'm done with my waffles now; Let's go Mom."
Sigh and wait cause Mom is still enjoying the moment as much as you enjoyed your waffle and she is now going to finish her coffee refill.

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