Saturday, August 2, 2008

Kitchen Tool of the Week: Pitter

I'm generally kind of a "fingers" gal when cooking. Whether they be cherries, avocados, peaches, or plums, I prefer to just pick the pit out with my little nimble fingers than have to reach for a gadget somewhere to help. Well, no longer. After last week's experience making plum cake tartin , I'm a believer. While we all got to work on the recipe, my mom pulled out one of these little fellows (only hers was passed down from great grandma and looked much more antique and well-used), and of course, I gave her a hard time about it. "It really makes it easier," she said.

So it does, and now I'm hooked. And guess what? It's also a great little gadget for intriguing the kids to get involved - they love to carry the honored title of "official pitter".

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ester said...

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