Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Zucchini Whistles

Yet another reason to grow zucchini in your garden, or at least go raid your neighbors patch...Zucchini whistles!

Here's how:

1. Start by using a relatively sharp knife to cut off one stem of a zucchini plant from the very bottom (if you cut higher, the plant feels "stunted" and won't regrow the shoot).
2. Then, cut the stem to be about 12-14 inches long (or however long you want your zucchini whistle to be) - keep the top half with the leaf and compost the bottom part.
3. Cut the leaf off. Use the back side of your knife to scrape off all of the "pricklys" that might be growing on your shoot.
4. Just under the top (where the leaf was) cut a one inch long slit in your zucchini shoot.
5, Add 1-3 holes on the front of your whistles (leave the back hole off for easier playing). When cutting the holes, cut a small "v" shape rather than a semi-circle to prevent breakage.
6. Place your mouth over the entire 1-inch slit you've made on the top of your whistle and blow!

Now you have your own One Man Garden Band. Invite your friends for a real party!

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